My First Big Chop!


Something major has happened…

I cut my hair off!!!

I’ve always said, “One of these days I’m just going to cut all my hair off and rock the short cut,” but NOBODY ever believed me…until now.

The question I’ve been getting ever since: Why? I was always known as Kristen with the big curly hair my entire life and just felt like I needed a change. Every time I would go on @TheCutLife’s Instagram I would get so inspired from seeing all the unique short styles and always said I wanted to try one some day. Well, that day came. My ends were already pretty damaged and I felt like my hair wasn’t growing, so originally I was just going to cut some of it off to get it back to a healthy state. But after looking up different styles and coming across a bunch of tapered cuts, I decided “oh what the heck, it’s just hair it will grow back.” Days leading up to my appointment were filled with me just taking screenshots and re-pinning every short cut I came across until I had too many to choose from.

Finally, the day of my appointment came. I went to Curls Rock Hair Studio in Boca Raton and got a big chop done by Akeiri. It came out great, but I knew before I even left that I would go shorter really soon. It had the tapered effect but just wasn’t as short as I would’ve liked.

Here’s my hair after leaving the salon:

About a month later, I took a trip to a barber and got it really faded out in the back and on the sides which I now love! The next thing I have to do is cut the top shorter and re-dye it and I’ll be good to go!

Outfit Details: Top: TopShop; Jeans: Forever21 turned DIY




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