Nordstrom Internship Recap Week 3


Day 1

Monday morning was time for another manager’s meeting where more anniversary prep was covered. The store manager went in depth, providing everyone with binders filled with pages of important dates and general things to remember. Time is already flying by and before I know it we’ll all be working hard before and after hours to make sure everything is in place.

The rest of the day was pretty slow, which was expected since it was a Monday and I worked during regular business hours. However, there was one thing that made my entire day: one of the sweetest customers I’ve met in a very long time.

*STORYTIME: She was an older lady that needed a little help maneuvering around the floor. I approached her and began to help her find something for her baby granddaughter. Once she was satisfied with all the picks, I started to ring her up but needed my department manager’s assistance to answer a question she had. After that was finished my manager told her that I was an intern and had only been there for a couple weeks. The customer told her that I had been so great with her and that I would definitely get the job once the internship was over. Hearing that from someone I had only spent a short amount of time with was such an amazing feeling. It also reminded me of why I wanted this job in the first place; I love seeing customers’ smiling faces after I’ve helped them.

Day 2

Today was our last classroom session of the internship and also the day we had our first guest speaker. She was the DRM for a few of the women’s departments in our region. She was a really nice lady and full of energy. Like many of the other people we’ve met so far, she went through her journey with the company which inspired each one of us.

Two things I learned from her were…

1. Learn to be comfortable with being uncomfortable, and

2. Everything happens for a reason.

Day 3-5

For the rest of the week, we spent all of our time on the sales floor. A major part of this internship is selling and that is something we’re getting a lot of practice doing. The only unfortunate thing was how slow some of the days were. I know I’ve been doing well so far, but it’s a little disappointing some days when I don’t sell as much as I had hoped.

All in all, so far I’ve been loving the entire experience and can definitely see myself growing with the company.




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    I love the days when I don’t work till noon… I still wake up at the same time I would if I worked earlier and I use those extra hours to get things done. Great tips!

    March 25, 2017 at 8:48 pm
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