Nordstrom Internship Week 1 Recap + Outfits!


Hey, everyone! As promised, throughout the summer I’ll be sharing my experience with the Nordstrom Retail Management Internship Program. I’ve survived the first week, so here’s a little insight on what went down as well as the outfits I wore. Enjoy!

Day 1


The first day was pretty exciting. I met the other interns and all of our department managers that we’ll be shadowing for the duration of the program. Everyone was so kind and open to sharing their stories and journeys through Nordstrom. I’ve always heard about Nordstrom promoting from within, but it was nice to actually see first hand all the different career paths. I loved that especially because it is something for myself and the other interns to look forward to. After the meet and greet, we watched videos and learned more about the Nordstrom culture which was also interesting because it reminded me of what a great choice I made in choosing this company.

Outfit Details: Jacket: H&M; Top: Forever 21; Pants: H&M; Shoes: Bakers

Day 2

The second day started off with a recap of the day before and more classroom training. We learned the ins and outs of selling and the most important value: customer service. At Nordstrom, there are people with skills like no other; it is something extremely vital to being an employee and the reason why the company gets recognition year after year. Once we were introduced to the selling techniques, we got the chance to experience it first hand by shadowing our department managers. During this time, I also started learning about one of the most important parts of the kids department: baby gear. Who knew there was so much information to know about strollers and carriers?! Well I sure do have a lot of homework, but I still have time to grasp everything.

Outfit Details: Top & Pants: Forever 21; Flats: ASOS; Purse: Michael Kors

Day 3

After two days, we finally got a formal tour of the entire store and all its departments. I must admit, before this, I was a little confused and even had a hard time remembering where exactly my department was. However, walking the floor and getting an in depth tour really made it easier. Once our tour was finished, we went back to the classroom training to start getting to know the registers. A little intimidating at first but once we went through everything and got practice it wasn’t too bad. As soon as that was finished, our brand new skills were put to the test. We were each sent to our departments to actually ring up real customers. The first time was a little scary but just like everything else, with practice I got better and will continue to get better as well.

Outfit Details: Top: Marshall’s; Vest: Macy’s; Pants: 2b bebe; Flats: Bakers

Day 4

To start, we recapped our first times using the registers from the day before. We each spoke about our individual experiences and what we found most exciting. Once that was over, we split up and met with our department managers. There, we played a game to practice selling drills, which was actually fun and a great way to get ready for the day. Next, I was put to the test; I was on the floor selling for the first time and I was pretty nervous. Trying to remember important information about kids-wear while recalling everything I was taught the previous days was a lot. However, I kept my cool and did my best and ended up making a handful of sales on a slow day. I’m proud of myself and cannot wait to start building relationships with customers.

Outfit Details: Top: Marshall’s; Vest: LF Stores; Pants: JCPenny; Shoes: Bakers

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