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Hola, I’m back again with another outfit post! I’m sure you’ve all noticed that fashion goes through cycles because what was in years ago is now back in style. A perfect example is overalls. I remember being a kid and wearing these all the time, and then there was point in my life where I grew up and thought I’d never wear them again ew. Eventually I realized that I actually really like them and my mom probably wasn’t the only reason I was in them as a child.

I love these because they’re convenient and add edge to an outfit. Usually I prefer to wear it with one strap hanging, but it also depends on the type of overall. Ones with shorts like these are perfect for summer and can be worn as a transition piece since you have the option to customize what’s underneath. Definitely a must-have!

Outfit Details (Similar options below): Crop Top: Forever 21; Overalls: 2b bebe; Gladiators: Charlotte Russe; Backpack: Marshall’s

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