Nordstrom Internship Recap Week 2

Hey, everyone! I’m back again for another recap of the week but unfortunately, there aren’t any outfits this time. With these recaps, I really want the focus to be on my experience each day, so I’ll only be doing outfits every so often.

Week 2 was yet another one filled with a ton of information, but also a lot of experience in terms of selling on my own. Here’s the breakdown…

Day 1

Monday started bright and early with my first experience sitting in on a managers meeting. Managers of all the departments in the store were in attendance and it lasted about two and a half hours (a lot to take in on a Monday morning!). During this time, results of each department were discussed, as well as an overview of the game plan for the Anniversary Sale prep. This will be my first time ever being in Nordstrom during their busiest time of year and I’m so excited, but also slightly nervous. It literally requires help from the entire store to prepare for such a huge event and I cannot wait to be apart of that.

Day 2

The next day was an even earlier one, which was actually a bit hard to wake up for. However, it was worth it. I got the chance to assist my department manager in re-merchandising a chunk of our kidswear floor and I realized how much I really enjoy doing that. It helps me get a better feel for the items we carry and remember where things are during the day. I get a chance to see pieces that I never knew we had which come in handy when I’m helping customers.

One of my favorite parts of the day was getting the chance to sell in other departments. After I finished helping customers with kidswear, I took them over to men’s clothing and shoes and even upstairs to women’s. I’ve never worked in a department store before but coming from a smaller retailer where I had to stay in whatever section I was assigned to, opened my eyes to the amount of freedom I really have at Nordstrom. I appreciate them trusting that I will use good judgement and treat this job as if it were my own business.

Day 3

We got business cards! Although they misspelled my name I’m still happy!

Today we went back into the classroom setting to sit through what’s called Future Nordstrom Leaders. It’s a program that prepares us for becoming just that, future leaders of Nordstrom. It was a full days worth of this session and there was so much to learn. We went more in depth about the culture as well as what it takes to be a leader at Nordstrom, while having open discussions with the store manager.

I love that the internship is broken up because it gives us a chance to take in all the information and then actually do it on the sales floor.

Day 4 & 5

The rest of this week was spent out on the floor helping customers and making sales. Something that did stand out to me though is what the morning shift does on Saturdays before opening: a rally. It’s where everyone comes together in a big circle to recognize the top departments and All-Star salespeople; there’s music and happiness and just an overall fun way to get everyone excited for the weekend.

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