4 Shoe Styles you Need for Spring/Summer + All Under $50!


Hey there! We’re well into spring now and summer is right around the corner. Over the past few months, I’ve picked up a few new pairs of shoes that I’ve decided to show you all. Not only will I be sharing with you the latest additions to my closet, but I’ll also show you a few similar options under $50! These are all everyday shoes that are perfect for this season and the next, and even all year round if you live in Florida!

Although I love heels, I’ve always been more of a flats type of girl since they’re way more comfortable. So if you’re anything like me, here are 4 different styles that are closet must-haves!

Single Strap Sandals

*Erge *Erge

These are my new go-to pairs of sandals; they’re simple and go with just about everything. I love to wear these with dressed down outfits since they’re pretty casual. My favorite part about these sandals are the textured details on the strap because it adds a little something extra without being too flashy.

Lace-Up Flats

Top- JCPenny; Bottom- Zara Top- JCPenny; Bottom- Zara

These flats have been popping up everywhere and for me, they were love at first sight. There are many designer brands that make similar styles, but I knew I could find ones that were just as cute for a fraction of the cost. As you can see, there are many variations of this style flat. The great thing is, depending on which one you choose, it can either be styled dressy or casual. For those summer nights when you don’t feel like wearing heels, throw these on for a comfortable yet stylish look.


*TJMaxx *TJMaxx

Another trendy pair are the extremely comfortable, Birkenstock-inspired, slip-ons. If you prefer not to spend all the money on the real thing, there are many alternatives that do just the trick. I have collected a few colors over the years, but these are my latest addition. They’re definitely a statement piece and add something extra to a plain outfit. I love to slip these on if I’m running errands, and they’re great for road trips too!

Canvas Sneakers

*Keds *Keds

This classic style has been a favorite of mine for quite some time. They’re a lot less bulky than regular sneakers but hold up just as well. Believe it or not, I wasn’t always a fan of the brand Keds. However, after trying them on and getting a feel for how comfortable they were, I was sold. I especially love that you can find them pretty much anywhere and they come in a ton of different patterns and colors.

Hope my mini shoe haul inspires you to go out and add these to your collection!



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