3 Spring Tips for Fashion & Home | Collaboration with DWR

I’m sure you can all probably tell by now that I’m obsessed with all things fashion. Well, something that may be of surprise to you is that I am actually finding a love for interior decorating as well. I think fashion and home decor go hand in hand, and lately, I’ve been getting more and more into it. Most trends that are seen on the runway or in street-style often translate into interior design, so I’ve highlighted a few of my favorite trends for spring along with their interior side-kicks.  

1. Mixing Metals

I remember being afraid of mixing metals in the past because I though it looked tacky, but now I’ve grown to love it in both fashion and especially home decor. Don’t shy away from taking risks, that’s what makes this fun. 

I love these pieces because they’re all small ways to incorporate this trend without overdoing it. 

Almoco Flatware

Etch Candle Holder

Nelson Star Clock

2. Pops of Color

There are a few easy ways to add pops of color to your outfit. One of my favorites is with my shoes; pairing a bright color with a black and white outfit is my go-to for making a statement. 

In interior decor, small accessories like these add great pops of color to a simple room. 

Cup Planter

Watch Me Wall Clock

Restore Basket

3. Pops of Print

Adding an unexpected pop of print to a simple outfit is fun and draws just the right amount of attention. 

Kalpana Kilim Rug

Maharam Pillow

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