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Graduation season is right around the corner and that means it’s time to go job hunting! If you’re anything like me, as much as you’re confident in your credentials, you still seem to get nervous when it comes time for the interview process. I’m in NO way an interview pro, but I’ve gone through a good amount of interviews in my day (lol) so I thought it would be a good idea to share my tips for success.

1. Do your homework! 

Whether I’m trying out a new product, looking for a job, or just want to know information about a topic, I’m always on the hunt for anything I can find. You’ve probably heard a lot of people talk about doing research on the company prior to the interview, but something that is just as important is searching for experiences of people that were in your same position at some point. Looking up reviews from people who currently work at or worked at the particular company in the past is extremely helpful in determining if that place is right for you. Another thing I love to do is look up past interviews. Lots of people post their overall experiences, questions they were asked, and length of the process online. My favorite site for finding most of this information is Glassdoor; it shows reviews, interviews, and even salaries (if you sign up for an account). It helps get an idea of what to expect before the big day.

A simple search on google is all it takes!

2. Dress the part!

First impressions are everything, so making sure your outfit is on point is a major key. I particularly prefer not to go the traditional route when it comes to dressing for an interview because I’d rather showcase my personal style. Depending on what field you’re getting into, a traditional skirt/pants suit isn’t always necessary, and even if you are entering corporate America, there are ways around this. Try new styles, but make sure to keep it appropriate. 

For example, my outfit features trousers, but they’re unique because they’re tapered at the ankles and have a higher waist line. These are way more flattering than the typical standard pair and also, they look a lot cuter. Since this is an interview, I kept my jewelry minimal with a simple gold necklace and watch. For an added personal touch, I brought my chain purse and wore my favorite pointed flats [Check out that pop of gold on the heels though].

3. Smile & Be confident! 

Own it & sell yourself! Also, remember to ask questions at the end; 3-5 is good enough and trust me interviewers love when you seem interested in knowing more about them and the position.

Good Luck! 



Outfit Details: Top & Bottom: Forever 21; Flats: Tahari; Purse: Bebe

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