Exploring Downtown Ft. Lauderdale

Something I definitely want to do more this year is travel. Whether it be as far as another country or an hour out of the city, my goal is to do more exploring and capturing of wonderful memories.  For my first exploration of 2016, I decided to stay local and visit Las Olas in downtown Ft. Lauderdale. There was an art festival happening over the weekend and I took it as the perfect opportunity. The art was beautiful and tons of artists from all over were showcasing their work. Unfortunately, many of them didn’t allow pictures which is understandable, but it was still great seeing all the talent. 

The weather did a total 360 this day, which is typical living in Florida. Just as I was getting used to the cool air, it decided to switch back to 80 degrees. But you know what, that’s okay because I don’t think cold weather and outdoor festivals go well together anyways :P. 

I love this dress because it was perfect for the weather and the occasion. It’s SO lightweight and kept me cool throughout the whole day. Hats are my favorite, not only for functionality but also because they go well with pretty much any outfit. I was kind of going for an edgy theme if you couldn’t already tell by the stripes, the dark lips and the black hat. However, I wanted to add back some femininity and this dusty rose cross-body was the perfect option. 

What is something you hope to do more this year? Comment below & let me know!




Only got a chance to get two of the artists work, but they’re both so different yet so interesting.

Cool street art around the area. 

Outfit Details: Hat: Forever 21; Dress: Marshall’s; Gladiators: Charlotte Russe; Cross-body: Michael Kors.

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