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First of all, can we please just take a moment to appreciate the beautiful set up of this entire venue (inside and out!).

I knew from pictures of past conferences that they usually show out when it comes to their decor, but I wasn’t expecting it to be this aesthetically pleasing. As soon as I stepped foot into that building, I just felt my creative juices flowing already. SO. MANY. PHOTO. OPP’s. I give a huge round of applause to the Create + Cultivate team just for visuals alone, not to mention putting on this amazing conference.

Overall, I really enjoyed the conference. In case anyone is wondering, I purchased the general admission ticket and don’t regret going the less expensive route at all; there were lots of vendors and still, so many goodies included. Honestly, I would probably even go again in the future since there are different speakers and booths every time.

Keep reading for my take aways from all the speakers!



“Don’t give it five minutes, if you won’t give it five years.”

“Be disruptive-something different; Think outside the box.”

This was a common theme amongst most of the women that were speaking. I found it interesting that they used the term “disruptive” because I had never thought of it in that way. I loved that they shared their experiences on this topic and mentioned that although people weren’t in favor of some ideas they had at first, in the end, it helped them to be more creative and have a different perspective on things. Similarly, breaking away from the traditional mindset came up as well as a way to be something different.

The truth is, this is all easier said than done. In reality, at least mine, as much as I want to think outside the box and be disruptive, I find it quite difficult at times to follow through with that. This is something I need to work on and hope to become better at especially along my blogging journey.

“Be okay with growth, don’t be afraid of change.”

“Aim high, but judge yourself fairly.”

“Don’t let anybody else choose your path.”

“Figure out why you’re uniquely special.”

“Make your own path/brand and perfect it.”

“Follow up and be persistent.”

“Find out what works for you and your audience.

“If it’s important to you, you make time for it.”

Someone in the audience asked an interesting question that I’ve also been dying to know myself…

“From a brands perspective, what makes someone attractive to work with?”

The answers went along the lines of:

  • “Know who you are and be true to yourself”
  • “It’s not just about your numbers, it’s also how you engage with the people that are following you.”
  • “Being consistent” -which is something I personally need to get better at :/
  • “Local brands look for local influencers, so reach out to brands in your area first.”
  • “Your blog/social media needs to first align with that brand in order for them to be interested.”

“Be clear on what the long-term goal is.”

“Don’t try to win the part, just win the room.”

Outfit Details: Top, Necklace & Jacket: H&M; Skirt: Forever21; Flats: NineWest.

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