Backpack Essentials

I don’t know about you all, but when summer comes around it’s all about having fun and I love sporting cute backpacks. Rather than having to carry a purse all the time, backpacks are convenient, and not to mention extremely cute! So many brands have been coming out with different styles lately, I wish I could have them all. The come in an array of different colors, sizes, and textures; there’s a design out there for everyone. 

I love to wear backpacks just about anywhere, to the beach, to the mall, on vacation (like in my earlier post), also even just hanging out with friends. They’re casual and easy to just throw on and head out the door. 

The contents of my backpacks change according to the season and where I plan on going, but usually for summer most items stay the same.  

  • A little card case is great for downsizing your wallet to just the essentials. No one wants to lug around a big bulky wallet when they go to the beach.

  • A notebook is a must for me. I love writing down any and everything that pops into my head. I love this cute one especially because it’s all about travel and on each page there’s a nice quote to help me along my journey.

  • I absolutely love taking pictures. This instant camera is a fun and unique way to capture moments and actually have a physical keep sake as well.  

  • It’s so important to keep our eyes protected. These sunnies are my favorites at the moment because of the fun mirrored lenses. 

  • For the smaller items I like to keep them in a little pouch (although they usually end up thrown in the bottom of the bag by the end of the day anyway) especially because my bag has a clear panel. I also just like the pop of color this pouch adds. So in here I usually keep:
    • Rollerball perfume
    • Lotion
    • Gum
    • Oil blotting sheets
    • Headphones
    • Hand sanitizer 
    • & of course a lip color of some sort. 

Btw, the backpack is from BCBGeneration.



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